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Shaver dies are the newest addition to the Wynn Wire Die catalogue. These dies are designed to strip wire of its outer layer, revealing the valuable inner layer that has not been exposed to the elements. The manufacturing process is more streamlined, which translates to us being able to manufacture them quickly upon ordering. We use stainless steel, which is cost-efficient and durable, although we are currently in the development process of a new polycrystalline diamond shaver die, which will be even more durable. We have worked in cooperation with several large copper wire manufacturing companies to refine our current models, all of which have been praised for their consistency and durability.

Our stainless steel shaver dies are manufactured in-house using stainless steel provided by our reliable steel vendor. They are hand-lathed, polished, and cleaned after the grinding process, based on size and specifications requested by the customer.


After these dies are worn down from many hours of drawing wire, we also re-cut them. We can re-size them to the next available convenient size for the customer, allowing them to have a longer lifespan while also being more cost-efficient.




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