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Wynn Wire Die's carbide division opened in 2013, when Wynn Wire Die acquired reputable Fort Wayne carbide die company, New Die Concepts. The process and quality have remained the same, while our EDM machines have added to the consistency and speed of which dies can be made. We ship dies to companies all across the country, from Oregon to the east coast. Our carbide process has been developed and refined for over 30 years, thanks to New Die Concepts' proprietor Larry Springer, who we still cooperatively work with to this day.


It has been over 3 years since our carbide department has started, and we have never stopped learning; new techniques, new specifications, and many new ways to get the perfect die to our customers.

Our re-cutting process is not much different than our new die process, everything is done in-house and inspected thoroughly by experienced professionals at all stages. We can re-size the die for the customer, as well as adding bearing length, grinding bells out, extra polish, etc. We regularly manufacture dies ranging from R2 nibs all the way up to R11 nibs; from sizes .040 inches (1.016 mm), up to .800 inches (20.32 mm).


Our carbide staff has over 60 years of experience in creating and manufacturing carbide wire dies. Each die is hand-inspected by an experienced die maker. We even hand-stamp our dies, making sure that each die is rigorously inspected before it is shipped to its destination.



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