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Polycrystalline (commonly known as PCD) diamond wire dies have been our specialty since they day we opened. PCD wire dies are our flagship product that we've been making and perfecting for over 20 years now. We have always quality components and our own special methods and processes to produce the perfect wire drawing die. We source all of our materials from reputable companies such as Fort Wayne Metals, Worldwide Superabrasives and Sumitomo. We accommodate our customers' requests on angles, bearing length/depth, type of nib, size, and just about any other specification that can affect a wire drawing die's performance. We also have an experienced quality control department, equipped with both the precision of laser micrometers, and the knowledge of what these readings mean. Our process assures the customer that we have thoroughly inspected and tested each die, both by hand and machine.

We have been re-cutting, re-sizing, and re-finishing PCD wire dies since the day we opened.. Our ability to handle each and every process allows us to monitor the die at each stage, ultimately resulting in what we believe to be the highest quality die available.


We commonly work with customers' D15-D24 5-micron nibs when re-cutting wire dies, although we can also accommodate customers desiring 12-micron nibs. Since we also work harmoniously with our EDM machines and wire-drawing machines, specifications such as bearing length, angle, etc. can be etched into the die with machine precision. The die is then finished and polished up by an experienced staff member with a minimum of 15 years of wire-die making experience.


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