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Wynn Wire Die acquired our first EDM machine back in 1996. Since then we have remained busy cutting a variety of parts and shapes for customers. Over the past 20 years, our EDM division has grown in both machines and capabilities. Not only do we cut PCD discs into tooling shapes for customers, but we also use our EDM machines in our wire die production process.


We use material provided by reputable vendors such as Worldwide Superabrasives and Sumitomo when cutting PCD discs.

Our process starts with one disc made of PCD, whether purchased by the customer or Wynn Wire Die. We then look over the customer's specifications before we draw out our cutting path. Then, using Esprit, we draw out the disc's cutting path, ensuring the least amount of wasted material and the maximum amount of cut pieces.


We are experienced in making just about every shape and size imaginable, from "half moons" to rectangles. We can also cut several discs at the same time to increase production speed for time-sensitive orders.



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