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Wynn Wire Die was founded by Rick Wynn in 1992. After being in the industry for around 10 years, he decided that he would form his own company with the intent of using his industry knowledge and trade secrets to produce quality PCD wire dies. As the company progressed, in 1996 Wynn Wire Die began branching out into Electrical Discharge Machining, producing tool parts using a variety of materials. Eventually, in 2013 Wynn Wire Die absorbed New Die Concepts and entered the Tungsten Carbide Wire Die market. And most recently, in 2014, after several customers were extremely pleased with our new proprietary Shaver dies, we decided to dedicate more time into producing Stainless Steel Wire Shaving Dies. All operations are overseen by president and founder, Rick Wynn, who, after twenty-some years, is still working out on the production floor, making sure every product sent out from Wynn Wire Die exceeds expectations.


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